Rules for Formula-X – Micropipette Technique Challenge for Professional Laboratory Workers

Rules for Formula-X

Formula-X is the first competition oriented to laboratory professionals in which precision and timing are essential criteria for the race.

The qualifying round will select the racers who will proceed to the finals.

Formula-X has special software that calculates each pilot score

Single race

Each pipette pilot will have two runs. The race consists of adding 100uL of a special dye called Buffer-X into 96-well microplate using a single channel pipette. The competitors can use any single channel pipette – if you don't have a pipette, we will gladly provide you with one. The racer must have maximum precision and focus, our race calculates standard deviation and the time needed to fill al 96 wells of the plate, the time must not exceed 7 minutes and the deviation must be below 4%, otherwise, the racer will be disqualified.

Duel race

Two pilots face each other and fill the wells at the same time. The rules do not change; finishing first doesn’t necessarily mean victory, the standard deviation will still be considered. This round is eliminatory, only one racer will proceed to the next finals.

The same rules apply for team racing. In this type of racing, individual and team scores will be calculated by our software to determinate the winner. Corporate teams (instrument makers) – 2 pilots driving standard commercial instrument, no special tuning. Your instrument is most accurate and easy to operate – you may out pipette your rivalsLab teams – 2 pilots driving the standard instrument provided by team sponsor, no special tuning. Your lab personnel is most skilled, accurate and fast, your lab performs at Formula-X level.

Team race