Pharm Expo is an international exhibition of laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment that was held 27 September 2021 in Kyiv, Ukraine. All visitor were welcome to participate in the competition and try their luck.

The participants had to add special liquid to the all microplate wells as fast and as accurately as they could.

The competition lasted two days and 35 pilots took part in the event. It was interesting to conclude that the participants paid more attention to the accuracy rather than speed.

Unfortunately, this year there was the highest number of disqualification – 28%.

This happened due to the limitations in time and precision. 

The award ceremony was on Wednesday 21 of October.

We announced the winners:

Sergey Miasoedov took the 3rd place with the score 937

Anna Golub- the 2nd place with the score 947

Vitaliy Uskovetc with the score 1048 won the main prize

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